Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"The Expanse" is now "Paradise Fallen" and on Kickstarter!

"The Expanse" has been picked up by a publisher: Crash Games!

As is sometimes the case, the publisher has asked to publish a re-theme of the game, and I agreed.  Ready for the new theme?  Post-Apocaliptic Hawaii.  No zombies, just a mysterious event that has reduced civilization to bands of tribes.  The name of the re-themed version is "Paradise Fallen". There's a plan for this theme to continue though multiple titles, so it's kind of cool that my game got to be the first.  The rules have been tweaked a little, but the basic mechanics remain the same -- it might even be more fun now, who knows?

Why am I bringing this up now?  Well, as is often the case now days, "Paradise Fallen" is up on Kickstarter and hoping to get enough money to do a proper print run.  I am still proud of the print-on-demand version that I produced on my own, but I'm also very excited to see this new version come out.  It'll have all original artwork, custom player markers, tokens, a sturdy box, the works.  One copy, sent anywhere in the US, will run just $20.

I'm hoping you'll take this opportunity to pick up a copy and make sure the game gets made.  Thanks!

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