The Expanse

The newly discovered “expanse” contains a wide variety of astronomical phenomenon in improbably close proximity.  The race is now on to unravel the mysteries of this new microcosm, and prestigious research institutions with deep pockets are clamoring to be the first to know.   New, highly experimental ships are commissioned that can quickly move between systems using powerful, volatile drives and reality altering engines. Can you pilot one to victory?

Players compete to be the first to explore eight of the nine phenomenon using cards drawn from a common deck. Different cards can provide fuel or special abilities, be played as anomalies, or be used to explore the different locations in The Expanse.

The Expanse is laid out  differently every time you play, and each phenomenon will yield a different bonus when you explore it.


Often when The Expanse is shown, it will be on a play surface made from an easily portable poster.  An image file you can use to create your own poster is now available.  Click on the image of the play surface below to download the full sized version.  It is designed to be printed on an 18x24 inch poster.